Part 1: General provisions

By using information and services on ThuKyLuat website, you agree to be bound by this Agreement and the unannounced changes.

Contents of ThuKyLuat website are legal documents and legal knowledge. By using our services, you agree to the current form and contents.  ThuKyLuat website bears no legal responsibility to users for their incorrect application of laws.

Upon your use of information of ThuKyLuat website for non-commercial purposes, you must cite “” as the source.

Part 2: Services

ThuKyLuat provides the following services:

1. Online search for documents (Free members): search for all documents for free;

2. Online search for documents (Premium members): search for all documents, see effective date, expiration date, relevant documents, superseding documents, etc.

3. Newsletter emails (Free members and Premium members): receive weekly newsletter emails from ThuKyLuat website to keep track of changes to the system of legal documents.

4. Legal assistance and discussion: receive preliminary legal advice and discuss legal issues.

5. ...

Part 3: Responsibilities of Users

Before using ThuKyLuat website, users are required to register a username, password and personal information. The information must be accurate as it directly affects users' benefits.

If users wish to change their registered information (Username, full name, email, etc.), they may access the account information section;

Users are responsible for the security of their username and password. ThuKyLuat bears no responsibilities if passwords are discovered by users or shared by other users.

Each username is provided to one individual or specific unit. ThuKyLuat has the right to restrict the number of concurrent users, therefore, 1 Individual Subscription can only be used by 1 person. Regarding Enterprise Subscription, the number of concurrent users must be registered by the client.

Part 4: Limitations of rights of users

Rights of users are limited to the following regulations:

Do not copy, sell or sublease the right of use or provide username and password to a third party.

Do not develop (total or partial) information and data of ThuKyLuat website into another search and archive system for commercial purposes, including: sale, lease or equivalent.

Part 5: Limitations of responsibilities of ThuKyLuat

Bear no responsibilities for any loss, legal obligation or damage caused by users.

Bear no responsibilities for any loss, legal obligation or damage caused by other websites that contain direct or indirect links to ThuKyLuat website or contents of such websites.

Bear no responsibilities for any complaint or damage that is caused by or arises from the use of or failure to use ThuKyLuat website.

In addition to the aforementioned limitations, if ThuKyLuat website has to incur and compensate for any legal obligation that arises, the compensation equals the latest amount paid by the user.

Part 6: Actions against violations

ThuKyLuat has the right to take actions against any user that violates this Agreement.

This Agreement is governed by Vietnam’s law. Any acts that give rise to responsibility and complaint concerning this Agreement will be handled by a competent Court.

Part 7: Implementation

Later notices and recommendations on ThuKyLuat website constitute additional part of the Agreement.

If any clause or later notice and recommendation of this Agreement can be read in a way that makes it illegal, invalid and/or unenforceable, such clause or later notice and recommendation is to be treated as removed from this Agreement and the rest of this Agreement is not affected.

This Agreement comes into force from October 15, 2015.